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Jigsaw solo project - startout & news!

Heyy peoplez. Finally figured I could get onto LJ from my grandma's computer, LOL (since I sleep at her flat almost every Saturday, that's for little life details of Jig, now back to the topic xD).

So I had some stuff pilin' up through months on my PC, music stuff that I have been workin' on, a very small handful of songs and interludes/intros which I will . . . NOT release yet, ha-haa~!! xD
Instead, my creativity and working spirit sparked-up yesterday night, and I decided to release a double-single feature sort-of-stuff. Don't be too merry and cheerful, technically it's only 2 original songs, LOL.

Here are the bare details.

My Love ~for XXX~
single, 2007.04.09
1. Heart & Mind (intro)
2. My Love ~Every Beat My Heart Makes~
3. Every Beat My Heart Breaks (remix)

My Hate ~for XYZ~
single, 2007.04.09
1. Carcass (intro)
2. Mental Overkill (remix)
3. ___ (hidden track)

note: The remixes (whose exact 'cool remix-names' I forgot, so I just wrote 'remix', lol) are of the title songs in question.
Oh, and don't expect the tracks to be all giggly-fun-laughing-parade-esque. xDDD
Expect a very harsh electronic NIN-style for 'My Hate', and a sort of cross between Buck-Tick's 'D.T.D' and Marilyn Manson's 'Diamonds and Pollen' for 'My Love'. All spiced with the usual Jigsaw-flavours, of course.

The singles should be up sometime Monday night / evening, at the usual places (Sound of Japan, SZMAK and pszabi forums).
All I have left to do with 'em is the artwork, and maybe an occasional photoshoot which I'm unsure of, as of yet. xD

G'night and stuff y'all! ;D
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