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Revival entry fuu~!! ^o^

Heyya'!! :D

Got back da intarrnetz on Friday luckily, had a wonderful goth-loli picnic in picturesque Margitsziget Island in Budapest with lots of nice people on Saturday, and I'm doin' fine, whee~. :D

And Gram Maria concert and huge Jrock & VK party after that till dawn, whee~ x 1000. :DDD

I'm in the middle of learning Spanish words for tomorrow's lesson, and torturing myself to begin compiling my mini-presentation on "The Life and Times of Salvador Dalí" for next week's Communication Skills lesson (hell yeah, one day after stumblin' home from the concert, LOL)... but it doesn't really want itself to begin yet, haha. >___>;;

Oh, and I'm thinking of buying an mp3 player soon... I mean... it would be nice to have one for longer trips and boring queueing and stuff. Not a fancy super-$$$ iPod, just a regular player with like 1 Gig space, I've seen some for about 8000 Ft's (that's like 33 Euros, not bad IMO). Plus, it would be a really great "plan-B" for music recording at home (since my sound card fxxxcks up when there's another channel in Nuendo ---> it copies it distorted onto the channel I'm recording to... don't ask how in the hell, LOL).

AND. The best news of today. Marilyn Manson officially doesn't suck. Thank God. XDDD
I was absolutely petrified and shaking with fear and anger and whatnot when I learnt that most of the new upcoming album's music (which apparently comes out on 5th June!!! In the USA, at least.) was written by Tim "I think I'm too fxxxin' cool for you" Skold. Okay, okay, I don't have any real reason for disliking him, topic skip. ^^"
So. I was able to download the 2 songs that have been distributed on the net already - one is the forthcoming single "Heart Shaped Glasses", the other's the album's opener "If I was your Vampire" which was ripped from Mr. Manson's new official myspace page. And I'm drooling already. XDDD
I expected something ultra-cheesy and over-the-top and cliché for "If I was your Vampire" but instead, what caught my attention first: guitarplay!! This is like, the first time that I actually notice outstanding guitar stuff on ANY Manson recording, lol. It sounds very new and fresh, God bless. Manson's vocals and awesome, and as always, the lyrics too. The whole process, how he presents them is so convincing and real and emotional, it's great. Oh BTW, supposedly Manson is really singing on the whole record, like not shouting and screaming and stuff (at least not in the majority), which I think it's about damn time!! XD ...He has such a fine voice. *___* Anyways, the song's this lamenting melancholic gothic music with a dramatic chorus. Lovely and very different, yet very Mansonesque.
I can't say enough good things about "Heart Shaped Glasses", it's the one I like more out of the two. It's...it's...I don't know. Brilliant. Emotional. Sad but groovy stomping rock'n'roll. And very much pop, but pop hasn't sounded so good to me as this. XD Plus, despite being a little over 4,5 minutes it doesn't get tiring at all. I'm listening to it for the 9th or 10th time, so go figure. XDDD

Anyway, only one thing for me left to do: Walk down to MediaMarkt (electronic-related hypermarket here) at the beginning of June and buy the new album, like I did with all the others.
(Okay, yeah, I'm admittedly a hardcore Marilyn Manson fan, so what? XD ...BTW he was the first ever musical artist that I liked. ^^)
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