update or whatever. xD

Uhm, haven't posted in a while here.... some news, hmhm.

Buck-Tick DVD (On Parade 2007) ordered!! (as well as BOOWY's Last Gigs Complete)
Dark Cherry's demo will be unleashed on the public on 28th March!!
Band practices proceeding!!
Tonight I'm going to the movies with a couple o'friends to watch Aliens vs Predator 2!! (yeah I know it's gonna suck) X'D
I'm growing my nails!! 8D

That's it for a while, ta-ta~

Merry f'in' X-mas!

Heyy, everyone have a jolly merry happy whatevery Christmas this year, 'mmkay? ^^

As for me, wherever I look I always find either work, guitaring, work, shit, work, some more guitaring, and some more serious shit. Ah well.

Take care everyone, see you in the New Year~! 
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...uhm, yeah, long time no posting. xD

Anyways, tasks for today and tomorrow: complete a 5-page essay on John Keats' Ode to Psyche, and~ complete my instrumental solo mini-album (3 more songs to go, however I might as well re-record all of 'em...meh. ~__~).

So ganbatte FUU~ to me. Anyway. xD

And OMG, new BUCK-TICK live DVD  in April, 2008!!!! (2nd April, to be exact) I can't wait!! It'll be from the Buck-Tick Fest 2007 On Parade concert footage. The limited edition will also have a 164-page photo-coolection-book(let)-thingie~!! *O*

...uhm, so yeah, back to Microsoft Word and Keats~~... 

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uhm, I'm plain bored, so I'm writing a journal entry and see what comes out of it (lotsa wurdz! O_o XD).

So I've begun attending private electric guitar lessons, looks like fun so far, although it takes quite a while practicing the stuff, but it'll be totally worth it. We began with a Ritchie Blackmore song (dunno the title, sorry), pure ballsy hard rock, haha. I love playing it, it makes me feel so cool, lol. XD I've improved on the fast bits too, yeyz. ^^
And of course practicin' DC songs in the meantime, between 2 sessions of Blackmoreness, haha.

uhm, well, Uni so far seems to be pretty tight, I have a strict schedule; like Thursday when I basically have lessons from 8 AM to 9:30 PM, with a 2-hour lunch break inbetween, LOL. *dies*

Anyway, Friday will be parrteyying~ time; GOTHIKA's coming back (former Euthanasie, Japanese dark-electro outfit) to Budapest! This time there'll be some noname Hungarian opening band too, called Servo.Hatred (LOL@name). XD
But so uhm, GOTHIKA ditched their guitarist, and from their myspace samples it seems the new songs will be much much more electronic, like all the way. Andro's voice have really improved, I was really surprised. On former releases he sounded like some nasal Japanese brat, but now I'm finding myself comparing him to Kaya, lol.

Oh and I'm soo~ excited about the new BUCK-TICK album that's coming out on 19th September!! ^^ I couldn't resist and listened into Kiyoharu's radio show on UpSound Radio, where he interviews Atsushi of B-T, and you can hear parts of new songs in the background (like Zekkai, Spider, Montage, and the 2 singles). I hope the record will be as groovy as they hype it up to be, lol.

Uhm, anyway, that's it for me.
Jigsaw over an' out.
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"There's a man in the theatre with sly girlish eyes..."

Just picked this beauty up while book-shopping for my grandma's nameday.

Nick Cave = badass. *__*
(and I had NO idea he has another band now, in 2007, called Grinderman! O__o) *downloading their album now* xD

A sample of their music: Grinderman - Honey Bee (Let's Fly to Mars)(live)

A bit repetitive, but I like it. *curious for the rest* ^^

Dir en grey live in München, 2007/08/15 tour final

OMG you guys, it was awesome!!! The trip there, the people I traveled with, the temperature, the concert, the whole experience. ^^

We got there around half past 4 PM, of course the majority was already lining up (I heard there were some people there for a few days already; kinda scary O__o). We had to wait a tremendous amount of time till they opened the gates (at 7 PM), and started to let us in slooowly~. All the fangirls and boys were horrible and ugly and stinky and just bleghh~ as usual, lol. Mostly there were German people, but I spot a French couple too, some native English-speaking/sounding girls, and of course: us Hungarians (we were 17 people).

As soon as I got inside I made my way to the merch table, naturally. They had all the albums from Vulgar onwards, the It Withers & Withers DVD, little packets of badges/pins, a poster (it kinda sucked though, haha), and about 3 different designs of T-shirts (bought a cool " praying Geisha-mask with crown of thorns"-type for me, and a surprise one for Nerorism; will send it as soon as it's washed and I get back from my 1-week vacation! ^^). They also had Fair to Midland stuff, since they were the opening band that night (we pondered a while on this, 'cause both Fair to Midland and Bury Your Dead were listed as opening acts, but only FtM performed; thank God xD).

The Muffathalle was a great place. At the back there was the bar area where they served drinks, kinda okay-priced (3 Euro's for a big glass of mineral water, bring back the empty glass with a coupon and you get 1 Euro back; not bad). In the back corner was the merch table. The stage was already "did-up" when I entered, with the big "DIR EN GREY" emblem in the back. I must admit though, the letting-in of the crowd and the wardrobe-issue were my biggest dissappointments. Everything went so slowly, while they could've solved it with a bit of patience and organized queuing. Oh well.

I only watched Fair to Midland from the side in the back, sitting or standing next to the wall, so I couldn't really say anything worthwhile of them. The drummer and the bassist did their thing, which was, IMO, kinda primitive (almost the same kind of double-kick/snare/kick/cymbal+kick combo over and over again on the drums; the bassist playing in like every 4th beat, lol). The sound of the synthesizer was almost non-existant at this level of loudness, but hey, at least the guy looked cool while playing it (bending over), haha. xD The guitarist and the singer were really the ones who carried the show. The guitarman (while not playing anything mind-blowing though, just the usual modern nu-metal torn-up guitar stuff) jumped and spazzed all around the stage, managing to keep his play in control, too. The singer did likewise, and at one point made a huge "death jump" from atop the left speakers (about 2 stories high O__O). So at least it was fun to watch. xD

After FtM left I made a sneaking way from the back-right to the front-left, and managed to arrive somewhere at 10th row far-left. At this point it really became clear that FtM was the only opening band, since some very Asian-looking people came onstage to tune up Diru's kit and make a brief soundcheck. They were really precise and thorough, checking every bit of the drums, tuning up and playing the guitars, checking their sound-levels to each other's; plus they fixed up Kyo's little standing-box, too. After a momentary light-check they left for the shadows in the sides and we were faced by a lack of sound after the PA system finished the last song.

As we could already guess, G.D.S (the band's ongoing intro tune since God-knows-when) started to blare through the speakers in a shower of epileptic light/darkness play. The crowd became very pumped-up, especially when the first of the band to appear onstage, Shinya came out, and up to his drumkit. The rest of the musicians followed suit, raising their arms and receiving their instruments. At last Kyo came, and onto his box with his head lowered, his hands like in prayer. After the band killed off the intro with their ripping guitars and the bang of drums, there was a moment of silence that seemed like an eternity, and they began with Repetition of Hatred from the new album. I hadn't expected to see the band in such full force, especially since it was their last stop of the tour, naturally I expected them to be tired. But to my surprise they were fresh, energetic, moving all over the stage and really into it. Kyo was unusually great, singing out almost every part, and screaming/growling when needed.

After 3 songs there was a brief pause, then they attacked us again, this time with Disabled Complexes, one of my fave songs off their last recording. The moment the music became violent with Kyo's shriek was ecstatic, and when the music died for a second and he roared "There's no meaning in living". So corny, yet so great.
Then we screamed with the maggots during ASoM, and sang in the rain during Ryoujoku no ame. During Rotting Root, Kyo got his shirt up to his head and sang through the fabric, his head like a ghastly lump; and his body bended and his arms twisted in ungodly ways. Sometimes he remained in these poses, like a grotesque statue for some time. After RR (and about 2 other times during the live) Kyo had a vocal solo. It's one of the most unbelievable and scariest things I've ever seen/heard. At these times the stage went black and only Kyo was lighted on his box from below, either washed in white or died in red light. While sitting or bending or standing he made these chants, that were circulated through some effect-processing, making them vibrate and resound; it was like some sick wailing of a ghost. But it was beautiful.

The concert proceeded with Conceived Sorrow after a little pause, the stage in red, yet dark. During the chorus everyone sang with Kyo, who sometimes let us finish off the lines. After came The Final, which received almost the biggest crowd reaction that night. It's one of those songs that you can feel throughout, especially in a big crowd like this. i must say, I was really touched; not crying but with some kind of pressure in my heart. They played the song flawlessly and almost every single one of us sang it from the first verse to "So I can't live..." Again, it was just beatiful.
Then through a rubble of quiet noise Kyo began crackling and wailing again, as everyone recognized from the starting SE-opening the next song; Obscure. It was pure massacre, the way they played it into our face. The crowd jumped and pumped their fists like crazy and screamed the jibberish growls with Kyo, then the high chorus parts.
After finishing Obscure, Kaoru immediately began playing similar sounds; it was Dead Tree. The song progressed quietly and beautifully with Kyo's soft singing (at times interrupted with a violently slurred line or two), till the moment when the lights lit up behind them, Toshiya's silhouette a statue with his entwined arms raised, and the crowd chanting with Kyo "Nobody wants the present". They killed us off with the following blasts.
I was surprised to recognize Merciless Cult as the next song, but I wasn't disappointed, they delivered like expected. It was great shouting "death!" into Kaoru's face when he did likewise with us. Overall, I must say, the backing vocals were great from the guitarists, from Die's long screams to Toshiya's growls.
Next up was Grief, one of my favourites from their latest album, rocking the house. Kyo only whispered the beginning screaming parts, but didn't disappoint us later; he screamed and growled like hell, with Kaoru's "fuck you, fuck you"s in the background during the chorus. In the interplay part Kyo raised his hands and gently tapped them together and made the crowd clap along to the rhythm, it was great. They finished the song off with much intensity.
An other fave of mine followed, The Deeper Vileness. Everyone shined in this song, from the hard-playing and growling guitarists through Shinya's insane drumming to Kyo's raspy screams. They really brought out the raw intensity and utter hatred of the piece, it was mind-blowing.
Then they left the stage.

After some chanting of "Dir-en-grey" and "en-co-re" from the crowd, they came back for another round, naturally.
I could hardly believe it, but the starting SE-intro of Kodou sounded, and then there was no question; they are playing Kodou. It was one of those heartfelt moments of the night, like The Final. The whole crowd jumped and pumped their fists, and sang along with Kyo in the chorus "Koe koroshite, me wo fusaide..." and screamed together. It was a touching time of band and crowd to merge together, like something divine.
Next up was Lie Buried with a Vengeance, with its slashing guitar intro, exploding into a frenzy of violence. I must admit, I growled along with Kyo in the end: "fuck fuck fuck ooga-booga-booga". xDDD
After came the ultimate crowd-pleaser, Clever Sleazoid. The whole crowd went wild, and screamed every bit of lyrics with Kyo, who let us sing "Under the name of justice" and "Think, you moron" in the chorus. I don't think we disappointed them, haha.
Then as the ending chords disappeared slowly into a rubble of distorted noise, Kyo repeatedly screamed to us "Last song! Last song! Last song!" like he always does, and the band began the last song of the night: The IIID Empire. As soon as the wicked guitar intro sounded, Kyo urged us to "jump! jump! jump!" to which we obeyed with great joy, of course. The whole audience was one big bouncing mass of rock'n'roll. The song stomped through us violently. We screamed "Spark and spark" with Kyo as we were jumping and pumping our fists to the music, then he urged us more to "jump! jump! jump!" during the interplay part. Finally, the song ended with a bang of instruments and Kyo's long scream.

Kyo thanked us, made a bow with his hand together, as did Die too later with his towel on his head. They threw out picks and drumsticks, and a bottle too, as they were slowly leaving the stage. Then they finally left, and the hall became enlighted.

00 GDS (intro)
01 Repetition of Hatred
02 The Fatal Believer
03 saku
04 Disabled Complexes
05 Agitated Screams of Maggots
06 Ryoujoku no ame
07 Rotting Root
08 Conceived Sorrow
09 The Final
10 Obscure
11 dead tree
12 Merciless Cult
13 Grief
14 The Deeper Vileness
15 Kodou
16 Lie Buried with a Vengeance
17 Clever Sleazoid
18 The IIID Empire

Phew, that was long, sorry. I think it was my favourite J-rock live so far, though.

Dark Cherry teaser

My member profile for Dark Cherry

Name: Jun (ex-Jigsaw)
Position: Guitar
Name of the instrument(s): Johnson
Birthday: 29/06
Blood type: red
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 67 kg
Shoe size: kinda big
Ego: normal(?)
Glasses: -something
Favourite brand: Stabilo?
Favourite tobacco brand: I dun' smoke~
Favourite band: Buck-Tick, Merry, Marilyn Manson
Hobby: myuujikku~ ^O^
Favourite saying: WTF
Role model: Nero 8D
Life philosophy: WTF, whatever. xD

The 21st Cherry Boys (2006-)
Noir Croissant (2006-)

(no subject)

It's my B-day today, therefore you get a pile of random youtube videos, now isn't that nice?? XD

Rhymester - Heat Island

Mr.OZ - O Five Two

hurts - Kuchioshiya (live)

Buck-Tick - Aku no hana (tv live)

That's it, and My Hero already started on BBC, dang! Gotta fly~ xD