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at this late hour, All I gotta say is . . .

Year Zero (the new Nine Inch Nails album, if you've been living under a rock without the wonders of clever creepy internet-marketing xD) totally rocks and beats all the other stuff that's called "music"!! >:D

The whole album centers around one serious desolate despair-driven world where people are being watched over, being fed drugs through tap-water (supposedly to counter-attack bio-terrorism ...or is this really bio-terrorism itself?), and being under heavy control in their whole lives by the government, the police and other violence-authorities who kill if they are ordered to. In this world rises an opposition, a group of talented people who want to spread the word to the generations of the past, to take steps so that this possible future could be avoided - they do this by sending things into the past (which is our present) to "warn us"; in this case, informative homepages on the net (this is where the clever marketing with "fake homepages" come in).
In this world of blind faith and government worship appears an ominous phenomena, called The Presence, which people believe to be the "Hand of God descending to the Earth" to bring either salvation or total destruction. This shapeless thing is believed to be the hallucination of drug-addicts - or is it?

What makes Year Zero great as a concept album is that it really does have a musical concept, in addition to the lyrical one. It is unlike anything you've heard. It is very easy to believe that in a possible future, man will make music like this. Hard-hitting, emotional yet static, uprising yet subtle at times. The songs range from twisted and dark danceable tracks, through haunting and creepy atmospheric tunes, to hard over-driven (in this case, "over-driven" is an understatement. It sounds more like "over-over-driven") number with walls and pricking needles of noise. The listener is completely sucked into the world of the album, and again I can't help but praise the cohesive musical styles. It keeps fresh, and knows when to surprise the listener, in other words: it never gets boring at all!

...huhh, that's all. It's late and I'm getting up at 7 AM tomorrow. Bye, and don't forget to drink tap-water for your daily dose. ;D
Tags: music, nin
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